Ignite Robotics mission is to inspire and develop strong technical, business and leadership skills in high school students by exposing them to challenging hands-on engineering projects, where they tackle challenges from beginning to end, supported by experienced mentors and focused training.


Ignite Robotics emphasizes student-led projects. We all collaborate to create our robot, develop outreach activities in our community, and organize as a business to support the team. Ignite Robotics was started by veteran robotics students to form a community based robotics competition team, which endeavors to be inclusive, competitive and professional.


The mentors are here to teach and guide students. Their leadership and experience allows our students to achieve their goals in present and future endeavors.


Ignite Robotics’ supports the mission of the FIRST Inspires organization to introduce and develop interest in STEM to our community. In our short existence as a team, (August 2017) we have provided judging and refereeing for  First Lego League teams, volunteered as a team at a FIRST competition event, and have demonstrated the very first robot we built to Mason Elementary school students at their science fair. Outreach is an important element at Ignite Robotics, and we hope to continue to build our outreach program, promoting STEM and the values of the FIRST Inspires organization.